Musical adventure launches for iOS today, costs no pennies

Sound Ride is a game about running, jumping, making music and playing with physics. And it’s out for iOS today!

In a unique take on its genre, Sound Ride features a menagerie of monsters, multiple routes around levels revealing secrets and surprises, and collectable coins that allow you to layer up the game’s dynamic soundtrack as you play.

Adventure Mode is entirely hand-made in OutOfTheBit’s proprietary Stork Engine. Elsewhere, a Daily Challenge Mode offers up a new randomly-generated level each day. Players from all around the world run the same race, competing for the top score.

OutOfTheBit are a passionate development team who aim to create interesting, interactive games that anyone can enjoy. Their previous release, Anima, won plaudits in the media for its unique use of real-time multiplayer strategy in a mobile game.

Sound Ride is available now, for free, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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