Natsume Inc., a worldwide developer and publisher of family-oriented video games, is revealing new details for their upcoming quirky puzzle platformer, Yumi’s Odd Odyssey. Known in Japan as Umihara Kawase, the game features a girl armed with only with her backpack and trusty fishing hook, travelling through a dream-like world filled with fish and other wildlife gone awry. With a fast-approaching release date, Yumi is set to grab the North American 3DS audience hook, line, and thinker!

“Yumi’s fishing line’s ability to flex and compress lets her move around levels, find secret items, and even alternative exits,” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO at Natsume. “Even better, Yumi’s Odd Odyssey will be in player’s hands via the 3DS eShop in January.”

You’ve never played a puzzle platformer quite like this! Using her fishing hook, Yumi must make her way through a variety of levels by running, jumping, and throwing her coveted fishing line. Yumi can use her fishing line to swing between platforms, lower herself down to other ledges, and even catapult herself great distances by stretching the line to its breaking point. Its unique mechanics are sure to excite even veteran gamers of the platforming genre!

The 3DS title also introduces a new Ranking Feature to compare scores against friends and players! The top spot is open for anyone to grab, so set off into this bizarre world and fish up a new high score!

Originally released on the Super Famicom and later re-released for the PlayStation and DS, this will be the first time Yumi’s tale will be told outside of Japan. Created by the series’ original developers, such as the original programmer, Kiyoshi Sakai, as well as the character designer, Toshinobu Kondo, Japanese fans have been raving about the game since it was released in June 2013.

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