Stratosphere Games, a mobile development studio formed by gaming veterans from Splash Damage, Nexon, Rocksteady, and Yager, is pleased to announce their first title, Nemesis: Air Combat, as one of the first titles included in the Google Play Early Access.

Google Play Early Access launches today and aims to provide early adopters an opportunity to find the latest and greatest apps in beta on Google Play. It is also a great opportunity for developers to acquire early testers to test new features ahead of launch.

Nemesis: Air Combat is an action-filled dogfighting game set in 2050 where the world’s most advanced aircrafts battle it out in strategic mobile air combat. The gameplay features tiered multiplayer leagues, console-quality 3D graphics, dozens of aircraft, 75 different weapons and a storyline with hundreds of single-player missions allowing you to gain and defend territory against a host of enemies.

During Early Access Nemesis will see a series of updates and improvements made to provide a better game and a more “mobile” flight experience. The game will then be reset mid-beta before monetization is activated. This update will be directly based on tester feedback who will be treated to three exclusive Early Access jets.

“We are honoured to be one of the first development studios working with Google Play Early Access,” said Kristian Metzger, CEO and Game Director of Stratosphere Games. “We truly believe that the only way to make a game such as Nemesis successful is to listen to the community. Their input is invaluable and we are excited to be part of a program that also recognizes this.”

Nemesis: Air Combat launches on Google Play and the App Store later this year.

About Nemesis: Air Combat
An adrenaline-filled dogfight game featuring the world’s most advanced aircraft rendered in breathtaking 3D, Nemesis sets a new standard for action-filled strategic mobile air combat. Combining a captivating single-player experience and storyline with intense multi-player battles and live events, Nemesis lets players forge their own path to glory in the skies. Nemesis: Air Combat is funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.