NHN Entertainment Releases Kingdom Story: Brave Legion

NHN Entertainment, a game developer and publisher well known for its online/mobile game brand called HANGAME, today commercially released Kingdom Story: Brave Legion on iOS and Android mobile platforms.
Kingdom Story: Brave Legion was developed by Picneko, developers of the creative and well-received game “War Story” in Korea. The game features characters and stories from the Romance of Three Kingdoms era of China and has a humorous and cute take on the world and its events.
The new game features a unique “World Domination” mode that allows players to take over territory all over China and appoint their troops as Governors in order to hold land.
In addition to the unique World Domination mode, the game features a fully scripted single player scenario that tells the story of the Romance of Three Kingdoms.  Additionally, players will be able to construct and customize their own town, participate in PvP tournaments against other players for a variety of prizes, and conquer incredibly strong Raid Super Bosses.  Finally, players can participate in a Daily Survival mode where their heroes can’t be reused, requiring a deep roster of strong characters.
“We are incredibly excited to bring the famous Romance of Three Kingdoms story to American audiences in a new and fresh way.  We hope that players who love this story as well as players who love RPGs will find common ground in their love of this game,” said Wonbae Jang, CEO at NHN Entertainment USA.
The Romance of Three Kingdoms story features an embellished look into the history of Chinese dynasties in addition to many well-known and heroic Chinese characters such as Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Zhao Yun and many more.