Happy Pet Story Releases Worldwide on iOS and Android

Mobile game developer Happy Labs is pleased to announce that Happy Pet Story, a delightful pet and home simulation game will be released on 19 February, 2015. The game is now available on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. Players will enjoy the same perks that all Happy Labs games have: High quality, no pay walls, easy to play and little internet connection required.

Happy Pet Story is a casual game made for the family and is fun for all ages. It features fully customisable and emotive pets, robust home decoration, mini games, interactions with other players, and a role-playing quest system, all set in a freely traversable Happy Town.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX_XuLyMAgg

In Happy Pet Story, players create their own pet the way they like it, with over 200 customisations to choose from. They can also dress up and accessorise their pet with more than 200 apparels and headwear available in the shops. All town shops restock every 3 hours, and players can also visit other players’ shops for more trends and designs.

With more than 300 furnitures and decorations to choose from, players can customise their homes and share ideas with others in the Happy Home rankings.

Complete the mayor’s quests Mojo to unlock unique features in your town. Players can also play mini-games to earn coins. Go fishing for some oceanic surprises at the pier, play Rock-Scissors-Paper, join in the balloon-popping frenzy, or even tap along with the beat in exciting rhythm games.

Out in the town, players can help out with their animal neighbours’ requests to earn fabulous rewards! Find a special item, discovering new neighbours, deliver furnitures, trade decorations, or dress up in cute fashion themes! Players can also hop on the town bus and visit their friends. Once there, they can buy limited edition items or mess up their room for fun. Meet and interact with people from all over the world in the town cafe and invite friends over.

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