Battle Powerful Enemies Using Godly Powers In ‘Tap Heroes’ Now Available On iOS® & AndroidTM

Tap Your Way Through Dangerous Lands In Action-Packed RPG!

Independent games developer and publisher VaragtP Studios is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of their newest game Tap Heroes, now available on the iOS® and Google Play™ digital app stores. Available as a free version and a premium download offering a bonus character unlocked from the start, Tap Heroes is an action-packed RPG in which you adventure out on an epic journey through mysterious lands in a battle of strength against powerful foes.

Your role as a mighty warrior is to attack and defend yourself against more than 70 enemies and bosses by surviving through a series of 10 challenging lands such as forests, deserts, caves, jungles and even swamps. Strategy is an important factor and a key ingredient to win. Upgrade your skills and enhance your powers by clever use of resources to stun, damage and ultimately destroy enemies blocking your path. At the beginning, only your warrior character is available, but as you advance by collecting coins, kill bosses and improve your overall stats, additional party members unlock, thus expanding the gameplay experience. Optional new party members include the healing mage, who is a great addition to your party, and instantly useful in life-threatening moments, as well as the strong and powerful rogue, who with his brilliant aim and poisonous arrows can seriously damage your enemies.

Tap Heroes offers godly powers and more than 50 achievements to collect. Gold and other loot collected can be instantly used to heal, upgrade, and enhance your strength. Suitable to players of all experience levels, this intuitive and addictive RPG offers fun, action-packed infinite play. Download your copy today.

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