SUM IDEA, the Mind-Matching Number Puzzle launches on the App Store this Thursday!

Twiddly Studio is excited to announce that their sliding number puzzle, SUM IDEA, will launch worldwide on the App Store Thursday, February 26, 2015. iOS gamers will be able to test their mental dexterity through 100 levels of numerical challenges, thought up by the game’s challenger, Professor Addkins.

Andrew Nicholls, Twiddly Studio’s Art Director, comments:
“We have spent a year and half developing SUM IDEA and taking it to various gaming events to place in front of industry peers and the gaming public. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on creating a challenging game from our initial simple idea of having numerical tiles that are affected by mathematical symbols by adding or taking away 1 to get to an end goal. With SUM IDEA our aim is to deliver a new form of strategic gameplay with a smoothly designed interface on iOS devices for puzzle players of all ages to enjoy and immerse themselves in. After countless hours of hard work we are now extremely excited to finally bring SUM IDEA exclusively to the App Store.”

SUM IDEA Features:
• 100 number cracking puzzles to solve in a variety of ways
• Intuitive gameplay mechanics
• Uniquely stylised aesthetic
• A game that can be played by all ages
• Universal – for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

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