SUM IDEA for iOS – Inventive Number Puzzler from Twiddly Studio launches 26th February

After a year and a half of development and being debuted at GDC 2014, UK mobile game creators, Twiddly Studio has announced that they will be releasing the upcoming logic number puzzle, SUM IDEA on the App Store on 26th February, 2015.

SUM IDEA is all about pitting your mind against inventor Professor Addkins to decipher his number puzzles by sliding numerical tiles into the correct areas he’s thinking of before you run out of moves. Deeper strategy comes in to play with some tiles having the ability to transform others by lowering or raising their value and transforming them in other ways.

The bold visual style subtly evokes a wacky 1970’s scientific feel influenced by British educational and quiz programmes, but combines those references with a lively, refreshing modern twist.

SUM IDEA presents a compelling challenge of mental dexterity through an initial 100 levels, providing a challenge to players of all ages.

•Solve 100 number cracking puzzles in a variety of ways
•Intuitive gameplay mechanics
•Uniquely stylised aesthetic
•A game that can be played by all ages
•Universal – for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

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