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NHN USA Launches Next-generation SNG ‘Dragon Friends’ on iOS

Leading mobile game publisher NHN USA is proud to announce Dragon Friends is now available from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Dragon Friends is a worldwide socialization game in which players must cooperate and interact with other players to breed unique magical dragons whilst customizing their mystical island tailored to their personality. Facebook social connectivity makes finding friends and family quick and easy with infinite possibilities.

In Dragon Friends, players can help each other by caring for crops, work in shops, and even bless friends’ precious dragons in real time. These multi-lateral socializations and connectivity is encouraged by easily accessible and intuitive in-game chats, lookups, and ability to visit friends’ island from anywhere in the game.

Dragon Friends introduces a brand new unique feature called Magic Chance where player is given a chance to level up any new dragons, even basic Tree Dragon into ultra rare Guardian Dragon, with just a touch of the magic wand.

With this feature, players will have the opportunity to collect hundreds of different types of dragons and creatures. Once dragons are bred, players can socialize with them through fun mini-games like Melody ChaCha, Magic Show, and even the ability to teach their dragons to talk to friends.

Dragon Friends’ focus on highly responsive touch and edit mechanism allows players unprecedented freedom to build, decorate, expand, and personalize their island – only bound by their imagination.

The Dragon Friends app is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

For more information about ‘Dragon Friends’ and NHN USA, please visit its official website.
http://www.facebook.com/DragonFriends (Facebook)
http://youtu.be/Uul_3N-SyTo (Teaser)
http://youtu.be/F6ga15nUFZA (Gameplay)
http://us.toast.com/ (TOAST Website, publishing platform brand of NHN USA)
http://www.nhnentusa.com/usa/index.nhn (Corporate Website)

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