Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor – Book II: The Village

Microïds announces the release of the second book of “Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor”, the mystical adventure game series based on the successful book by Valerio Evangelisti. This title, called “The Village” is available on Steam (PC/Mac) as of January 22, 2015.

“Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor – Book II: The Village” is a point & click adventure game fully created in real-time 3D. The player still embodies the inflexible Inquisitor but this time also Father Jacinto Corona at specific times in the game. The collected objects and the dialogues led by one or the other should allow them to move on simultaneously in the story. The game also features full Latin subtitles. This makes it one of a kind and reinforces even more the game’s particular atmosphere .

The development team used the players’ feedbacks on “Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor – Book I: The Plague” to offer them a more than ever immersive experience in this new book. The graphics have impressively improve. The time needed to finish the main adventure has been doubled. The players who finished the first episode will be delighted to rediscover the unique tone and the delicious dialogues specific to this game series, meant to be four-fold.


Year 1345, Satan’s shadow lingers over Calcares, in the South of France. An evil shape has been appearing in the sky since the summer solstice. Since then, a killing plague has spread in the city streets. Commissioned by Jean Vinet, who named him Languedoc’s Head Inquisitor, Nicolas Eymerich refuses to believe this is just a coincidence. To him, to hold back the contagion, the evil must be eradicated at the very source. Is Nicolas Eymerich really struggling with evil entities? Or is his fanaticism forcing him to see evil where it is only unfortunate but sadly natural events? Helped by Father Jacinto Corona, a Dominican also sent in the region where the plague is striking, our determined hero will do everything to successfully hold back the scourge.

Once again, the player will have to show observation and deduction skills to advance in his quest for the truth. He will have to solve many mysteries in the form of original and varied puzzle games but also collect, combine and use wisely the objects that are hidden in the scenery.

During the investigation, he will also have to interact via multiple choice dialogues with the characters in the various enivronments in order to find out more about the dark events that have brought him there. The soundtrack, still disharmonious with the historical context like in the previous episode, reinforces the surreal aspect of the game.

It is possible to instantly go to a place already visited at any time , by just opening the map. This tip provides more rhythm to the investigation, avoiding time-consuming returns that are quite frequent in this type of games.

To unveil the adventure for both those who already know the game and the new players, an integrated help system provides help to those who want to avoid getting stuck indefinitely on a puzzle game and go on in the adventure. The entire team has worked together so that the player can be challenged without having his adventure become an ordeal.

“Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor – Book II: The Village” is available on Steam (PC/Mac) since January 22, 2015, on iOS and soon on Android. The game is dubbed in English and Italian and subtitled in English, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish and German .


“Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor – Book II : The Village” (PC/Mac)
Price: $ 14.99 /Weight: 3.85 Mo

“Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor – Book II : The Village” (iOS)

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