NightCry Coming To PC (Video)

Aboard a drifting luxury liner, cut off from the outside world, true terror strikes. NightCry, the spiritual sequel to the Clock Tower series is coming to PC March 29th 2016. Developed by Nude Maker, published by PLAYISM.

The Story
Things quickly take a turn for the worse aboard the luxury cruise liner when the fun cocktail evening quickly turns bloody. With an abundance of bodies turning up, run and hide as the killer is loose.

The Scissorwalker, an undying demon, is at every turn, chasing down anyone and everyone. Can you escape death and save the ship or will you too fall to a bloodied death?

About the Game
NightCry is a 3D point-and-click horror game. Control one of the three main characters to guide them to safety. Search for clues in the exploration mode as you try and solve the mystery as to why a luxury cruise fell into nightmares, but be careful, for the Scissorwalker could be around any corner. In escape mode, run, hide and stay quiet for it is coming, and maybe you will survive long enough to learn the true horrors of this oncoming evil force.