Nightmares from the DeepTM: Davy Jones Emerged into Google Play and Kindle Fire Today, from G5 Entertainment and Artifex Mundi

Bold Sarah Black dared to dare Davy Jones and lost. As a result, her daughter had to sign a lifelong pact with this fearsome sea devil! Now you must aid Sarah in launching a rescue mission in the latest adventure, Nightmares from the Deep™: Davy Jones, Collector’s Edition, from G5 Entertainment and Artifex Mundi. Download this spectacular gem of a game on Google Play or Kindle Fire and find out how your favorite hidden object adventure series of games ends!

Museum curator Sarah Black would never have imagined where her study of Davy Jones’ legend would take her. After mentioning his name during a lecture, the infamous ghost pirate’s ship suddenly appears on the horizon, and Davy Jones himself breaks into the museum to kidnap Sarah and her daughter. Now, in order to save her mother’s life, Sarah’s daughter Cory has agreed to a lifelong deal with him.

You’ll have to join Sarah in this unbelievable journey to escape the wrath of Davy Jones and rescue Cory. Discover surprising secrets about the otherworldly origins of the pirate’s island and awaken strange stone creatures, the guardians of Davy Jones’s memories, to delve deeper into the sea devil’s past. Is Davy Jones as evil as legend makes him out to be? Or is he himself the sad victim of circumstances? Find out for yourself in this heart-pounding odyssey!

Nightmares from the Deep 3 preserved all your favorite features of the series and is even more polished than prequels. Mahjong mini-game as an alternative to regular search for hidden items, and silhouette type scenes that hide items which are parts of puzzles and help you find the clue on the same scene are here too. The fantastic locations pop with color, tricky, pirate-themed mini-games, like navigating a galleon across the board, so that it burns all the harbors or sorting hats on eerie skulls, ooze with a proper atmosphere, voice overs and sounds are just top-notch. Wrapped in an immersive story, Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones will take you on an unforgettable adventure for hours of gaming enjoyment. The game is developed by Artifex Mundi and published on Android by G5 Entertainment.

Key Features:
•68 diverse and majestic locations to explore
•29 addictive mini-games to master
•32 achievements to unlock
•12 mysterious statues to awaken
•Three collections to gather – 12 sea horses, 10 pirate cards and 24 puzzle pieces
•Cool extras such as the concept art and game music
•An additional adventure to reveal the shocking truth about Davy Jones’s island

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