O2 Games announces the release of Luv Me Buddies Wonderland for Nintendo 3DS

The power of Love by Luv Me Buddies Wonderland 3DS

The video game has been redesigned and enhanced for Nintendo 3DS and will be a charming party game with this features: a collection of mini-games designed for a group of casual game players of all ages. The game will give players challenging, fun and educational activities that teach good values while providing encouragement and rewards in a very visual way. The LUV ME BUDDIES™ brand is very popular in UK, it has a universal appeal and it is becoming increasingly known in the world thanks to the many licensing projects developed and in continuous developing.

The key word for all the games is fun and this project will provide this allowing players to enjoy what they are doing without being heavily penalized. It will have intuitive gameplay with plenty of rewards. Luv Me Buddies characters are cute and tender. The game will focus on clear, recognizable shapes that allow people to communicate and express feelings and emotions thanks to the universal language of love. All the game’s activities will be very funny and based on Luv Me Buddies: emotions, characters and objects.

Mini games will cover a broad range of activities that will provide reward and encouragement to improve confidence and game modes that allow players to play together cooperatively or in a healthy competition.

Game Elements
•Memory Test
•Recognition and Colors, Shapes, Orientation
•Target Shoot (Point Blank style, family friendly Shooting Gallery)
•Breakout (Reaction/Timing)
•Sight Training
•Spot the Difference
•Jigsaw Puzzle

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