War of the Human Tanks – ALTeR Now on Steam!

Fruitbat Factory is happy to announce the release of our fifth game on Steam: War of the Human Tanks – ALTeR. The game is available today.

Human Tanks – ALTeR is the second installment of the War of the Human Tanks series, and sequel to War of the Human Tanks. This time you assume command of the enemy of the first game, the Royal Army, and fight back for all you hold dear!

“I always liked the Royal Tank designs of the original game and ALTeR lets you have them all – and I mean ALL. Playing on the other side, you discover a whole range of new characters, while still having some familiar faces along too.“ says Ozhan Sen, Art Lead.

War of the Human Tanks is a story driven strategy game with a gameplay reminiscent of Battleship and Chess, featuring a story of war, loyalty, sacrifice and human shaped tanks.

Following the events of the first War of the Human Tanks, the land of Japon is in chaos, with the embers of the war between the Kingdom of Japon and the Empire of Japon still burning bright, as new factions emerge onto the battlefield.

Assume control of Alter Matsuyukishiro and lead the Matsuyukishiro Company of the Royal Army on a mission to eliminate a traitor to the Kingdom. But not all is as it seems in this war. When the guns fall silent, is tragedy all that awaits?

Key Features
•Over 100 missions to conquer

•Over 250 Human Tanks to battle, develop, build and recruit

•More than 50 modules to develop and customize your army with

•Keep your units and resources in New Game+ to tackle even greater challenges

•English localization features hand-drawn battle backgrounds and an improved user interface
Includes three free DLC

War of the Human Tanks – ALTeR comes with the three DLC created by Yakiniku Banzai for the original Japanese release built in – Blue, Black, and White. Delve deep into the Great Cavern of Mt. Fuji and tackle ever more impossible odds in over 90 extra stages, and reveal more about the history of all Human Tanks!

In addition, players who have completed War of the Human Tanks may import their save to unlock a special bonus unit in ALTeR!

“I’m particularly excited to see player responses to the Great Cavern of Fuji. It’s big. Main campaign might take up to 10 hours, for the Cavern we’re talking about 50+. There’s so much to see and do and learn. I think it will surprise those who venture there.“ explains Jakke Elonen, Project Lead.

The game is released on Steam and other leading digital distributors on February 13th. The retail price is $12.99, with a -10% launch week discount. Additionally, a War of the Human Tanks – ALTeR – Royal Edition will be made available for $19.99, including the game and the 90-track OST, Sound of the Human Tanks.

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