Official Sony PS4 Gaming Glasses

Sony PS4 Gaming Glasses – gives players a competitive edge

We are all aware of the negative impacts that can be linked to long gaming sessions and how our eyes can feel strained after a while. How frustrating is it when you miss that vital shot all because you feel a little fatigued?

Where we are usually taught that ‘Prevention is better than cure’, this couldn’t be further from the truth for a gamer.

Numskull Designs is pleased to announce the new Official Sony PS4 gaming glasses that have been engineered especially for gamers to reduce the effects of eye strain, blue light and UV glare – whilst giving players a competitive edge.


Lightweight and stylish frame for prolonged comfort during marathon gaming sessions.


Helps deliver sharper detail, increases contrast perception and shifts color spectrum for visual efficiency.


Reduces UV glare and blue light which helps fight eye strain to give players a competitive edge.

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