Fishing Master Launches for PlayStation VR

Game developer Snowball Games has officially launched its new VR fishing game, Fishing Master, for PlayStation ®VR. The game is currently available exclusively on PSVR for $19.99.

Gameplay Highlights

  • Don’t worry about getting seasick. The game features smooth motion to eliminate the possibility of VR simulation sickness during game play
  • Skip fishing’s boring bits. Fishing Master goes straight to the best part: the battle between human and fish. Players have a variety of different actions they can employ to catch their fish. Each step simulates real fishing scenarios, creating a realistic and intense gameplay experience with a controller. Though it sounds simple, much like fishing itself, it demands keen strategy, coordination and fast reflexes to hook the perfect catch.
  • Fish in gorgeous locales. Fishing Master offers a large and richly detailed world for players to explore. The game includes seven carefully rendered locales-all based on real-world locations, including Lake Geneva and the Arctic-all scored with realistic B-format Ambisonic audio, immersing the player in a breathtakingly realistic VR experience.
  • Not just for the solo fisherman. Apart from a traditional single-player version, the game offers three kinds of multiplayer matches: small match, grand prix competition, and professional league. In these gameplay modes, players are required to reach certain goals, such as catching the most or the largest fish within the time limit, in order to achieve victory.
  • Enjoy variety. Players can expect to encounter hundreds of species of fishes, with each kind varying in difficulty. Players’ biggest catches will be automatically saved to the game’s aquarium system. What’s more, players can find different props of fishing rod, fishing wheel, fishing lines, bait, etc. from the in-game shop.