Marinatide, Strategic Sea Fishing & Exploration Game (Video)

Viistopro are announcing the release of their strategic sea fishing and exploration game, Marinatide, on Steam Early Access, December 22nd.
Marinatide is a sea fishing and exploration game, combining elements of strategy and adventure.
You play as Marina – a rookie sea captain and a fishing over-enthusiast, roaming the waters with her partner, Vino, in search of the next big catch. But fishing life is not all breezy: there is a license to get and deadlines to meet. You have to fish against time and earn your keep or it’s all over! Though, there’s always another day…

Exploration – Go island hopping and find all the hidden fish areas
Fishing – Use various fishing equipment wisely to catch and collect fish of all kinds… but avoid catching endangered species!
Unlocking and Upgrading – Sell your catch to upgrade and expand your range of equipment
Questing – Fish your best to obtain fishing license and become a professional!