Triangle 180 – A Bite-Size Strategic Puzzle Game with Global Artist Collaboration (Video)

Fingerprint Studio Ltd. has announced collaboration with over 20 illustrators and musicians with “Triangle 180”, a strategic puzzle game for Android and iOS devices. Download Triangle 180 for free.

When most games have more or less a fixed presentation with its visuals and music style, Triangle 180 is more of a chameleon, and a good one at it too. Players will find themselves looking at a pretty simple looking puzzle game at first, but this is just to encourage players to mix-and-match visuals and music from its in-game gallery.

With new illustrators and musicians introducing their work every two weeks, players can customize their game with everyone’s work, and in the process vote for their favorite artists. The result to this voting process is shown in the illustration and music ranking chart, where players can find more information about the artist and visit the artist’s portfolio. Consider this as sitting at the judging panel, being a part of the artist community, and getting to participate with every step of the global mix-and-match party – something that is not too common with video game music and graphic.

Outside of the illustration and music community, Triangle 180 is a solid strategic puzzle game. Connecting dots to form triangles and capturing items may seem simplistic at first, but to achieve a competitive score against other players, some quick thinking and strategic adaptation on the fly is needed. Features such as a traits system (with prestige levels), and the boosters shop are there to help players, so casual players can still feel comfortable participating in the competition.

While the game only offers one game mode at the moment, the developers have promised more game modes coming later this year, with different objectives and pacing. New features will also be added to the game with the v3.1 update in early June.