OlliOlli2 grinds onto PC, Mac and Linux TODAY

The grindable gents of developer Roll7 and sure-footed game label Devolver Digital have released the award-winning skateboarding masterpiece OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood onto PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, GOG, and Humble.

Hot on the tails of the original game’s BAFTA success, OlliOlli2 went on to win rave reviews from both critics and fans alike on PlayStation4® and PS VITA. The PC version of OlliOlli2 has been given the premium treatment with all the bells and whistles PC gamers have come to expect, including perfect gamepad controls, achievements, and a slew of new gameplay modes including the manic four-player split-screen Combo-Rush.

For more information on OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood please visit www.roll7.co.uk and follow @Roll_7 on Twitter.

Key Sequel Features
•Manuals – chain together grinds to do massive level long combos!
•Ramps, Monster Air and Epic Hills – nail a slick new skate flow in Olliwood
•Split Routes and Hidden Lines – 5 Star levels by exploring all the possible routes
•Slick New Art Style – clean, vibrant new world to make your eyes smile
•Updated Tricktionary – allowing for more personal style; are you a grind switcher or a spinner?
•Reverts, Revert Manuals and Grind Switching – max-out your multiplier in all new ways
•Extended 18 song Soundtrack – meticulously handpicked for your aural pleasure
•Combo-Rush – awesome four player local multiplayer mode

OlliOlli2 – Launch Trailer
YouTube: https://youtu.be/fgTdH8F-O7s

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