Cartoon Survivor iOS update and Android release coming Friday August 14th!


Cartoon Survivor is a vibrant 3D adventure runner set in a dynamic prehistoric world. You must run, jump and glide your way through hazardous obstacle courses full of feisty creatures like dinosaurs, mammoths, tigers and snakes. Doo Doo, cartoon’s bravest idiot, contests the gaming world’s ultimate challenge; Cartoon Survivor. He must survive 23 levels of death defying fun running through hostile prehistoric environments before the dynamite strapped to his back explodes. Can you help Doo Doo the Dodo bird get to the finish line before time runs out?

What’s New?
•New CONTROLS – You asked, we listened! Two new control options will be available, SLIDE and TAP steering.
•Additional SEASONS and content are now cheaper and easier to unlock!
•New USER INTERFACE making it simpler and easier to find things
•COINS and REWARDS are easier to earn
•The WICK and STAR systems are easier to understand and more rewarding
•A DAILY BONUS – to reward you for supporting CARTOON SURVIVOR
•ANDROID – Cartoon Survivor is coming to the Google Play store!
Run for you life in Cartoon Survivor this Friday on the App Store and Google Play store!

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