Ookibloks Released on Steam and itch.io

Skyboy Games is proud to announce that Ookibloks is now available on Windows PCs for download from Steam or DRM-free from itch.io. Originally debuting in 2008, Ookibloks was nominated for Excellence in Audio at that year’s Independent Games Festival. Ookibloks was released on iOS in 2013 to critical praise.

Ookibloks is a cute, but tough action-packed rhythm puzzle game featuring over 100 stages and a unique beat-synched interactive soundtrack. The PC version of Ookibloks adds support for multiple control schemes using keyboard, mouse or gamepad. It also removes the ads and in-app purchases that are present in the iOS version.

Ookibloks is available now for digital download on Windows PCs. The game is available on Steam or DRM-free via itch.io for $7.99.

Trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx2ZcSTAVXs

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