ORBIT out now for Steam and Xbox One

4bit Games is proud to announce that the space brawler ORBIT is now available for Steam and Xbox One via ID@Xbox program. Every orbital pilot in this or other systems is invited to join a dubstep-infused, action-packed local multiplayer game in which gravity is way more than a natural phenomenon. Maneuver your ship between planets at breakneck speeds and take gravity into account as you crush your competitors with an epic spaceship arsenal. Use special abilities like shields and teleportation to defeat your enemies, and level up between fights as the madness intensifies in this twin-stick multiplayer space brawler!


“Four sweaty guys in a loft for one year sounds like a weird porno docudrama, but it’s actually an accurate representation on how ORBIT was made” said Erling Hoff Martiniussen, Game Designer and obviously not spokesman of 4bit Games. “We started as 4 students with a dream which I believe we’ve now achieved; To successfully bring back couch games. ORBIT’s unique feeling is a reward itself for this effort. We’re super excited.” said Simen Setrom, Super Developer.

With 9 groovy game modes and randomly generated scenarios, ORBIT is ready to trap players in a vortex of gravity & careful rocket-sniping. Choose among a big selection of game modes like the king-of-the-hill-like Conquest, the simple and ruthless Destroy mode or any of the other awesome modes that you can randomize. And if you are up for a challenge, the “Survive” mode barrages you with epic amounts of asteroids as you try to best your foes. Ready to explore your orbital trajectory? Level up your ship to make the ultimate space-destroyer using a wide tech-tree with countless options and weapons.

ORBIT is now available for Steam and Xbox One, bringing both short & intense play sessions or epic custom battles to said systems for a price of 6,99€ / $6.99 / £4.99. More details on ORBIT’s Steam page (http://store.steampowered.com/app/348280 ) (mind that juicy 10% off limited time discount!).

•Crazy local multiplayer for 2-4 players couch-powered madness
•9 game modes: Capture, Kill, Survive, Mayhem and MORE!
•Randomly generated maps for a fresh experience every game
•Design and create your own modes and battles with Forge
•Level-up system with spaceship upgrades and paths for total customization
•Super hot particle infused graphics
•Thrilling dubstep soundtrack by Wierz
•Bare-knuckled orbital amusement

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