Ski Safari 2 Now Available for Android Devices

Ski Safari 2’s zany zoo of characters and high-flying stunts are now freely available on Google Play for Android phones and tablets. The original Ski Safari has more than 140 million downloads since its release.

Ski Safari 2 offers an addictive casual gaming experience bringing animals, avalanches and action together with engaging gameplay anybody can enjoy, but with enough depth to keep hardcore gamers returning to the slopes.

New multiplayer game modes, levels, challenges, stunts and additional options including a female protagonist as well as the choice to use a snowboard or skis greatly improves the formula which made the original Ski Safari a smash success.

Ski Safari 2 opens with one of two heroes, Sven or Evana, awakening to an incoming natural disaster which they must escape. Once they start their downhill descent, it’s up to players to guide their hero to safety by avoiding dangerous obstacles and outracing destructive forces.

Gamers who nail gravity-defying stunts earn extra points as they complete more than 130 challenges. Players can gain extra speed by hitching rides with more than a dozen animals and vehicles including penguins, yetis, eagles, snowmobiles, mine carts, bathtubs and pianos. Merging them into hilarious combinations leads to an even swifter pace.

Ski Safari 2 features three levels, each with their own natural disasters – avalanches in Penguin Peaks, tornadoes at Twister Canyon and lava eruptions in Jurassic Lark.

Up to four gamers can challenge each other in two multiplayer modes. Challenge Attack allows players to contend to complete objectives and steal each other’s points, while Ring Dash pits gamers against each other in a race to see who can collect 200 rings first.

Competitive gamers who want to compete for the top rankings in the leaderboards can turn on Frantic mode, which ramps up the difficulty while increasing the maximum combo they can achieve from stunts for epic high scores.

Game Features•Escape hazards in three different levels, each featuring their own natural disaster
•Ride more than a dozen vehicles and animals down the mountain for hilariously effective speed boosts
•Connect up to four players in two multiplayer game modes
•Earn points with more than 130 new challenges
•Choose from two heroes – Sven or Evana
•Shred the slopes on skis or the newly added snowboards
•Perform insane stunts by swiping and tapping the screen to earn additional points
•Spend coins on costumes, equipment, vehicles and powerups at the in-game shop
•Take pictures of the action and share them with friends in a new photo mode
•Earn higher scores and increase the difficulty with Frantic mode

“Our priority has always been to provide a fantastic casual gaming experience anyone can pick up and enjoy,” said Brendan Watts, director, Sleepy Z Studios. “Ski Safari 2 is the best entry in the franchise yet and we are thrilled to put it in the hands of the Android gaming community for free.”

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