PeopleGottaPlay to bring back sci-fi flying races with “Thick Air” (Video)

Russian studio PeopleGottaPlay preparing its non-violent sci-fi drone racing sim Thick Air for early access release in September 2016 on PC.

Thick Air is about the world devoid of human life where sentient machines are left to simulate the life they once knew. Swarm of flying drones built for one purpose – race – compete each other across various landscapes and settings. “Racing games are not what they used to be. The grass was greener, we had streetracing games filled with vintage cars, the competition was fun.” says Kyr Dunenkoff, Thick Air project lead. “That design and that kind of fun is what we’re trying to recreate – there’s real nostalgic void to be filled – while still keeping it original.”

Thick Air drone design is inspired by automobile era of late XX century. The game features physics-based flying model, competetive AI, local and online multiplayer and VR support. PeopleGottaPlay got plans to introduce drone visual and performance damage, performance tuning, visual customization and upgrades, as well as HOTAS joystick support.