Help ‘Pepe Porcupine’ Shift Crates In Mind-Bending Puzzler Now Available On STEAM (Video)

Indie game developer EnsenaSoft is proud to announce that Pepe Porcupine is now available on STEAM™, courtesy of a partnership with leading games publisher, UIG Entertainment. Pepe Porcupine originally released in 2015 and is the latest title from the EnsenaSoft catalogue of games to enter the STEAM™ ecosystem to the joy of puzzle fans across the world.

Pepe Porcupine works the nightshift in a warehouse and needs your help! Each night his job is to move crates into position in a confined area with the least amount of work. Inspired by the Japanese game of Sokoban, which is a transport puzzle, in which boxes or crates are pushed about in a warehouse, your task is to correctly position crates with the least amount of pushes and moves. Played from a top-down perspective on a board of squares, crates can be shifted horizontally or vertically into empty squares, but never through walls or obstacles. Crates cannot be pulled, adding to the fun, and unless you help Pepe complete all 254 puzzles, he’ll be stuck at the warehouse forever!

ü 254 mind-bending puzzle challenges
ü Undo-feature when you make mistakes
ü “Head Scratcher” mode and “Head Banger” mode!
ü Great graphics and fun animations

Pepe Porcupine on STEAM