Peppy Pals Beach – The children ́s game where no one wins but society!

With a saturated and homogeneous app market filled with lukewarm entertainment and copycats, some developers still try to make a difference.

Peppy Pals wants to nurture emotional intelligence for children in our increasingly digitalized age.
The award-winning game for children ages 2-6 is about empathy, friendship and emotions as you guide a group of animal friends in their daily adventures. The second version, “Peppy Pals Beach”, will release on February 10th for iOS and February 17th for Amazon and Google Play.

Reviews from the first Peppy Pals game

“One of the most innovative games in years” – Thomas Arnroth, renowned Swedish games journalist.
“Smart, well-designed, and one of a kind” – Smatoos.
“Inspires discussions about feelings and empathy” – PappasAppar, Europe’s #1 children’s app reviewer.
“It actually works!” – Gomorron Sverige, Swedish National Television morning show.
“Great storytelling app that helps juniors develop emotional intelligence” – GeeksWithJuniors.
“My son will work through scenario, after scenario, after scenario…” – Geekmummy’s App Talk.

“By creating a new generation of children with higher emotional intelligence we are creating a world without bullying, hatred and exclusion.” Rosie Linder, CEO of Peppy Pals

“In an early study of Peppy Pals, we saw how children would engage physically and emotionally with the game content. I believe that the game explores opportunities for learning that mostly are overlooked in computer game design.” Annika Waern, Professor in Human – Computer Interaction

About Peppy Pals

Since 2013 Peppy Pals (formerly eQidz) is a digital game studio, which focuses on combining emotional intelligence and entertainment in mobile apps and for children, with a future vision to allow parents to receive constructive insights into their children’s emotional development. With two daughters growing up in the digital era, Rosie Linder co-founded Peppy Pals with the dream to create top quality children’s games that are both fun and useful. She partnered up with video game developer Talawa Games, who released the award-winning game Unmechanical in 2012.

Some of Peppy Pals achievement among others are:

– Named one of the top 3 “Hottest start-ups 2014” in Sweden by Internet World.
– Nominated to “Newcomer of the year 2014” category mobile games by Mobile Business.
– Winner of Reach For Change “Sweden’s toughest competition for social entrepreneurs”.

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