‘Bogo’s Good Habits’ On iOS Is A Wonderful Game Teaching Good Habits To Children!

‘QWERKY Communications’ and ‘Winjit Technologies’ are proud to announce the worldwide release of ‘Bogo’s Good Habits’ to the iOS® app store as a FREE download. Compatible with the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch® and the Apple iPad®, this wonderful jigsaw puzzle game focuses on teaching good habits to children, a task typically daunting to most parents!

‘Bogo’s Good Habits’ features the heartwarming character, Bogo! He is a very fine lad and leads by example and introduces contemporary good qualities to kids. They are made exciting and easy to remember as a well-illustrated jigsaw puzzle that is sure to appeal to children. Vibrant color schemes add to the freshness of the work, while the rhyming sentences promise to make themselves stick in the children’s minds. Players drag and position the puzzle pieces in the right areas to complete the picture that transforms into a particular good habit. Every puzzle is a specific good habit.

To make the puzzles and learning more interesting, every level has a differently shaped puzzle piece. So that kids learn 50 different shapes like a Square, Heart, Fish, and Umbrella etc. Playing the game will enable kids to think shapes, use their brain to know exactly how to complete a particular picture, it will help develop quick thinking, hand eye co-ordination and in the end make them learn a good habit every time they complete a puzzle. On top of that every puzzle has a timer countdown to clock your best time. This keeps up the excitement of solving the puzzle all through the playing experience.

‘Bogo’s Good Habits’ was developed with the aim of introducing important virtues to children in their formative years through Bogo’s World. As children embrace new technologies the developers believe it is imperative they should have access to better content that helps in their all-round development. Bogo’s World plans to fulfill the need for interesting game applications presented in eye-catching formats and offer valuable information to kids.

‘Bogo’s Good Habits’ is available on the iOS® app store.

‘Bogo’s Good Habits’ is also available as a book for those who wish to inculcate the love of reading in their children. It is available online through Flipkart, ebay and crossword.


Developer Websites www.winjit.com
Game Website www.bogosworld.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/bogoafinelad
Twitter www.twitter.com/BogosWorld
YouTube™ Channel www.youtube.com/WorldOfBogo

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