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Pet Roulette: a case of Squeak, Squeak, Bang Bang on Android

Pet Roulette brings the addictive thrill of Russian Roulette direct to Android phones, but with pets. Players choose to kill or save a variety of innocent creatures using a selection of normal and specialised bullets in a series of increasingly rapid spins of the barrel.

“Pet Roulette is an exciting, challenging and darkly entertaining game, set to dizzying graphic backdrop and the sound of a beating heart”, said Anthony Magrath, founder of Nevistech. “Lightning fast reactions are needed to score the highest bonus and win an array of weaponry ranging from nuclear strike to bubble guns.”

Additional mini-games provide a welcome relief from all the shooting. All the saved pets end up in the Hamster Wheel, which can be spun to win more bonus points. Those that are killed are destined for the Pet Recycler, where they have the chance to fight another day.

Nevistech has no concerns about the controversial use of hamsters in the game. “Although Pet Roulette features mainly hamsters, we have no hesitation in adding other pets if there is sufficient demand”, said Anthony.

Pet Roulette is available as a free download on Google Play for mobiles and tablets on Android 2.2 and up: https://bitly.com/1cEunnS

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