Pixel Pyro and Publisher/Developer Strange Flavour Release Apple Dash on Thursday 26th September

First time publisher and longtime games developer Strange Flavour will be releasing Pixel Pyro’s new game Apple Dash on the iPhone and iPad on Thursday 26th September.

Evil Corp’s gloopers have captured all the bees and it’s up to you, as the game’s feisty protagonist Dash, to save them. Enjoy a good old-fashioned bout of platforming fun as you jump and dash through 100 levels of glorious hand drawn, high-resolution retina artwork using ridiculously easy-to-learn controls.

Apple Dash is created by Pixel Pyro, a company that comprises the talented Coder/Designer/Tea Boy Jim Bagley and accomplished Artist Paul Vera-Broadbent (we call him “Pab”). Jim and Pab have been writing great video games since the 8-bit days and Apple Dash is their latest wonderful fun fruity creation.

Jim Bagley explains, “Apple Dash has been a long time coming. It’s a complete re-invention of a game idea I came up with back in 1995 on the Megadrive. We’d like to give huge thanks to Aaron and Adam at Strange Flavour, as they have given us the opportunity to bring Dash to life and release it for iOS devices”.

Apple Dash is being released as an iPhone version for $0.99 and Apple Dash HD which is a universal version with extra high resolution artwork for the retina iPads for $2.99. Apple Dash, of course, has also been written for iOS 7 and will support the new MFi controllers (just as soon as we can get some to test with!).

So what are you waiting for? Help Dash and save the bees!

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