‘PanzerWars’ Update: New graphics and iPad-support

After the successful relaunch of „PanzerWars“ last August, the publisher Xyrality brings something up again. A new version of the strategy game, which supports the display on the iPad is available as of now. Furthermore, the version 2.7 of PanzerWars comes with completely redesigned graphics as well as the necessary adjustments for iOS7. The great success of PanzerWars has encouraged Xyrality and BytroLabs to work on another update with new features, which will be released next month. With this update, a small teaser video is also being released with todays update, it can be found through this link: http://youtu.be/meImD9gCNKs

According to Volker Dressel, CMO of Xyrality: «The cooperation with Bytro Labs is a total success. With our marketing force, we managed to bring the title back into the AppStore charts. Our current goal is to improve the title together with BytroLabs and carry on with the success.».

About PanzerWars
This online multiplayer game, inspired by the succesful board game “Risk”, allows up to ten players to command tanks and troops in a war for control over Europe. More than 100 provinces are waiting to be conquered, developed and defended. The battles over Europe can take several days or even weeks. Panzerwars is all all about gaining control over the entire map and driving the other players out of Europe. Courage, negotiating skills and the right tactics lead to victory and the top of the rankings!

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