Planetary Prospectors: ARM Launches on Steam Today

Nefarious Dimensions, an independent game studio based in Toronto, announces the release today of Planetary Prospectors: Asteroid Resource Mining for Windows on Steam Early Access. Players in “ARM” take on the role of an everyday average Joe or Jane deep space asteroid miner working for a mega mining corporation.

Find Planetary Prospectors: ARM on Steam at

You have been given the opportunity to explore, prospect and mine asteroids within an infinite procedurally generated universe that contains meteor showers, space stations, mining refineries and much more to be discovered.

Purchase and upgrade a wide variety of spaceships and equipment. Use the right tools at the right time on many different kinds of surfaces to more effectively recover gems and minerals. Plan, strategize and prioritize which asteroids to mine and manage limited fuel and cargo space. Get too greedy and you can get stuck in deep space with no fuel or worse! But manage your resources wisely and you could command your own mega mining fleet.

Planetary Prospectors: ARM is currently in early beta PvA (Asteroids) form with additional episodes, new tools, new mechs/spacecraft, more branching stories and additional planets to be added over time. The final release will have all episodes and content from “Season One” including a procedurally generated near infinite open multiverse, fully destructible environments, simulated Newtonian physics, component damage system, VR and HOTAS support and much more. Multiplayer mining is planned where friends can join in and help collect minerals and once players collect mass amounts of minerals they will be able to design, craft and construct their own mining colonies, refineries and set up defensive fortifications. Uncover the ancient alien secret artifacts of xenoarchaeology. Explore, prospect, mine and survive against rival mining corporations, pirates, bounty hunters, military factions and aggressive aliens.

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