Players can play bowling game without waiting. a new type bowling game : Speedy Bowl

One-man game development studio Fired Fire Studio (CEO Jongchan Yoon) has released its new action bowling game “Speedy Bowl” on Google Play Store.

The game developed from an idea that “Isn’t there any bowling game that I don’t have to wait for next bowl”, as the game has got a new form that players can experience on endless lanes around the world.

Rushing on the lanes may become bored, he added some new fun features with maximizing realistic physics and obstacles etc.

Especially, he assures that collecting energy bowls to enable boosters in order to crash obstacles and pins gives players so much fun that they have never experienced.

Also, traveling around the world in the game is another interesting factor for the players. This released version includes 3 stages, each stages represent the age of Exploration, Egypt and Fairy of the Forest.

Yoon reveals that future updates will provides more varieties of adventurous world.

He added “he will not compromise quality of the game because he developed himself. The only thing that I concern about is to concentrate developing a game that players really enjoy.

‘Speedy Bowl’ is available to download for each free and paid versions, its paid versions comes with no ads and one extra stage.

Paid version of ‘speedy bowl’ is 2,000 KRW for regular price, however players can download with 50% off price (1,000 KRW) during launching event, until the end of January.

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