Pocket Dungeon – new mobile mini-RPG game

indie game studio, Running Pillow, releases “Pocket Dungeon” on Google Play. A mobile mini-RPG game for your spare time.

Pocket Dungeon is a minimalistic RPG game where you run into procedurally generated dungeons, level up your hero and die a lot. Each dungeon has many different enemies, traps and special encounters. Death lurks behind every corner resulting in very short game sessions. This minimalistic approach is suitable for even the shortest timeframes you might have. So you can play whenever and wherever you want.
Do you like opening chests and getting loot? We’ve got you covered! We have four different chest types for every dungeon full of loot. Dive in to the depths of dungeons and uncover the mystery.
✔ No internet connection required!
✔ Each dungeon is unique, each adventure is different!
✔ RPG adventure adapted to extremely short mobile sessions!
✔ No need to spend hours to enjoy this pocket RPG!
✔ Open chests and get better loot!
✔ Uncover the mystery lying down deep in the dungeon!
✔ You will die a lot!