Pocket Starships Launches into the App Store As ‘Best New Game’

Spectacle Games Publishing, Inc. today announced the global launch of Pocket Starships for the iOS App Store. A new kind of massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming experience designed for mobile devices, Pocket Starships connects thousands of players in a single vast universe for space combat. Currently featured as a “Best New Game” in the App Store, Pocket Starships is now available free to global audiences.

Pocket Starships blends fast-paced massively multiplayer space combat with an easy-to-use crafting system. Players can build stronger ships and advanced equipment like boosters, robots or weapons. Defeating the space-pirates is just the first step – the ultimate goal for players is to dominate the entire galaxy! While the game allows for short play sessions, Pocket Starships delivers all the essentials for the complete MMO gaming experience, including a vast persistent world to explore, actual real-time skill-based fighting in groups as well as an elaborate crafting system and character classes.

Pocket Starships key highlights for players:
• Command your ship in massive PvP real-time space battles
• Battle with and against thousands of other players for galactic dominance in a vast universe
• Build thousands of different in-game items with the advanced crafting and upgrading system
• Recruit players and build strong alliances
• Connect with players in the global and alliance live chat system
• Engage simultaneously across iOS, Android and PC due to true cross-platform technology
• Receive notifications when its time to join decisive battles with your faction

Spectacle Games will continue to release content updates and expansions for Pocket Starships so that players can expect an ever-evolving experience. To learn more about Pocket Starships, visit www.pocketstarships.com.

To join the forum discussions in the Pocket Starships community, visit www.forum.spectaclegames.com.

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