The Pygmies of Pocket God Return to Fly and Die – Ooga Jump Launches on the App Store

Have you heard the story about the Pygmy that could fly? Nope, you haven’t, because they all come crashing down eventually. Bolt Creative, creators of the beloved Pocket God franchise, have returned to the App Store today with Pocket God: Ooga Jump. An endless jumping game with a few morbid twists, Ooga Jump is available now for $0.99:

Players of Ooga Jump will navigate their Pygmy higher and higher, bouncing on platforms, collecting gems, and avoiding gruesome fates via tilt and tap controls. But this isn’t just another endless jumper, oh no, this is jumping in classic Pocket God fashion. Your cute little Pygmy will be disintegrated by fire ants, burned to ash by raining meteors, trapped in force fields by cold, unflinching robots, and more.

The Pygmies have a bit of an edge though, in the form of a Slam Bounce ability that smashes obstacles and propels them higher. Players will use this mechanic to speed up and away from enemies (like monkeys who want to peel their face off – you know, the usual), reach hard to reach platforms, and more.

We all know that Pygmies crave gems, and collect them you will as you climb higher and higher on your search for the shiny and precious stones. Use them to save your little guy or gal from their death, unlock new characters or skins, and get past pesky objectives.

Fans of the Pocket God universe will be right at home in Ooga Jump, with full Game Center support, leaderboards, objectives, and a slew of in-game skins and power ups available. Are you the God that sends his Pygmies flying highest, or just another wannabe deity toying with the fates of an innocent and tiny tribe?

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