Worlds Collide in the New Boss Battle Update for Sonic DashTM

To celebrate the release of Sonic Lost World, SEGA’s Hardlight Studio are bringing the first ever boss battle to Sonic Dash with a free update. Prepare for the fight of your life as Sonic’s daily dash through peaceful green hills and sunny beaches is invaded by this deadly new foe. Zazz is the most unpredictable, destructive member of The Deadly Six and he is itching for a fight. Sonic Lost World sees this dangerous new group of enemies rise up against Dr. Eggman and threaten to destroy Sonic’s world.
In this exclusive Sonic Dash boss battle when Zazz attacks on his flying mech you must get ready to dodge powerful, high speed projectiles and defeat him as quickly as you can for a massive score boost. Be careful though, his relentless pursuit of Sonic could be the end of your perfect run.

In addition to this menacing new update comes the Deadly Six Card Collection Challenge. Players across the globe must work together to collect a set number of character cards scattered across the Sonic Dash tracks. When enough have been collected by the whole community, those who took part will receive exclusive Sonic Lost World themed prizes.

Best get your running shoes on as this new content will only be available for a limited time!

Sonic Dash is a free to play endless runner available to download now on the App Store.

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