Pokaboo, A Simply Haunting Puzzle Game, To Launch on iOS October 22nd

In Pokaboo, a minimalistic and abstract color game, players will be tasked with joining blobs of the same color together. Moving as the ghost, players will take on the challenge of pushing and maneuvering matching colors together into abstract shapes. When all blobs of a matching color are conjoined, that particular color will disappear, bringing players closer to level completion and progressing in Pokaboo.

Minimalistic in style and simplistic in nature, players will be tasked with tapping into their intuition, logic, and puzzle solving skills to complete each level. While Pokaboo starts out simple, the levels get increasingly complex as the game introduces more colors and complicated board layouts to solve.

Pokaboo consists of five sets of 20 progressive levels, with 100 levels in total to conquer. Initially, in the first level set, players will need to push and merge blobs of matching colors together. They’re able to move about the board freely, and will be able to pass through walls to complete joining all the colors together. As they continue to progress in the levels, players will find themselves increasingly challenged relying on both their puzzling abilities and creativity to complete each level. At the game gets increasingly difficult, players may need to figure out ways to bring colors together despite objects in their way, or uniquely shaped walls that change the way they move about the board.

Created by Laurent Fernandez of GlobZ, Pokaboo has minimal, and captivating art style that emphasizes the colorfully abstract and often meditative aspect of the game. This is accompanied by ghostly, chilling tunes created by game developer and musician Whitaker Trebella that will help players feel transported into Pokaboo’s adorably eerie world. Designed to be engaging, difficult and relaxing, Pokaboo will haunt player’s imaginations.

Pokaboo will be available for purchase beginning Thursday, October 22nd for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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