Naked Sky Entertainment, the award-winning, independent game development studio behind titles such as RoboBlitz and Max Axe, today announced the launch of its latest game, Scrap Force, on iOS. A free-to-play collectible hero game packed with humor, deep tactics, and all-age action, Scrap Force is available today on the Apple App Store, and will be coming soon to additional mobile platforms.

“Scrap Force was initially born out of a company-wide game concept competition. We believed in it so much that it became a labor of love,” said Tian Mu, co-founder and CEO of Naked Sky Entertainment. “The team prides itself on developing high quality games that are accessible to a broad audience, but have depth and layers of game play that take time to master. We hope players have as much fun playing the game as we had making it.”

Inspired by 1990’s cartoons of young heroes saving the world every week, Scrap Force mixes deep turn-based combo-play tactics with wacky characters who have extreme superpowers so players can, well, you know… save the world. As guardians of the Power Shards – mystical fragments that transform scrap into weapons and armor, players will collect shards; build and upgrade their arsenal; recruit their team from a selection of heroes including pirates, space knights, zombies, cyborgs and more; and do battle with the invaders using increasingly advanced techniques.

The game endears players with its backyard battles, light humor, quirky story, loads of rewards, and the diverse band of heroes representing various nationalities and genders. Intuitive game play evolved from popular tactical and collectable card games makes Scrap Force approachable for players of all ages and skill, yet there are already nearly 200 unique character traits and more than 300 characters and items to use that add layers of strategy and keep players coming back.

Key features include:
· Battle the invading Obliteroids through more than 130 replayable missions;
· Compete with players around the world in the Scrap Force Arena;
· Collect 300+ unique 3D heroes and items, with new ones released regularly;
· Assemble the perfect squad by choosing your favorite heroes and items;
· Upgrade your collection to maximize its power and unlock new abilities.

Scrap Force Teaser video:
Scrap Force iOS Preview:

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