Discover PolyBlast, an increasingly challenging level-based arcade game that requires precision, speed and most importantly focus to succeed!

Game Cooks, known for their special twists, went on the hunt for extraordinary people from beyond the realm of gaming, to pick their brain as part of their creative process and incubate their ideas. PolyBlast is the direct result of this ununsual process between Game Cooks and former Lebanese telecom minister Nicolas Sehnaoui – geek, gamer and big superhero fan by nature. All those who have given it a try have so far labeled PolyBlast as addictive.

In PolyBlast, shoot and blast moving targets and eliminate moving geometrical shapes before they reach the bottom of your screen. Players have three blasting points at the bottom to shoot from and set number of blasts each. It might apear simple but it is far from easy, as it requires some calculated planning. Players might find themselves running out of blasts before they’ve had a chance to eliminate all obstacles from the screen! Hitting five targets in a row will kick PolyBlast into a 5-sec frenzy mode with unlimited hits – it might just be what is needed to complete the level!

Play solo mode and get access to 3 themed and increasingly difficult worlds! Can’t have enough of PolyBlast and up for the impossible challenge? Unlock the premium pack to access 3 additional worlds – level hard – and the ultimate “Supreme World” to kick the challenge into an even higher gear. This premium pack also removes ads from inside the game.

In multi-player mode, a player can challenge an opponent to a PolyBlast competition on the same device! Each player will be playing from one end of the device and shooting towards a shared target. A competition is composed of 3 matches. The player with the most hits wins!

PolyBlast will be available on the iTunes and Google Play store on Thursday, October 15th, 2015.

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