Pop Frogs on the iTunes App Store

Lsoft & Legal Radiation, Athens based independent developers, released Pop Frogs on the iTunes App Store. Pop Frogs appears to be a cute match-3 game with frogs and bubbles but appearances are deceptive! It is an extremely addictive match-3 game with frogs and bubbles because of its smart engine behind the relaxing appearance.

The player connects bubbled frogs of the same color to clear floors from dirty leaves while he plays against time with limited moves. Popping away a frog, the dirt underneath him gets cleared. The purpose of the game is to clear all the dirty water lilies of each level. Watch out! These leaves might be up to 4 floors under each frog.

Making specific patterns (forms of shapes) with the connected frogs is the best way to get power-ups and one of the most innovative mechanisms the game offers. The power-ups help the player to survive and complete another level.

There is a numerous combination of stages setups and at its first launch the game comes with 10 worlds with a total of 400 free to play stages.

Obstacles that the player will face during the game are the frozen frogs which must get defrosted by popping neighbor frogs, the frog kings that need more than 3 frogs connected to pop away, the spelled frogs that can get free with magic filter etc.

Pop Frogs brings social elements so the player can login with his Facebook account. This way he can invite friends, compete and see friends’ progress and save all his own progress in his social account. This way, the player’s data is platform independent.

There are settings which the player can use to customize the experience. Change the style of music from calm to cheerful and adjust the opacity of the backgrounds for more eye-relaxing game-play.

Some of the worlds / backgrounds are the River, the Bath, the Moon, the Desert, the Wild West, etc. The whole environment (menus etc) gets the skin of the world that the player plays at the specific moment.

So, what are you waiting for? If you love the genre and you’d like to check something new and addictive that will keep you busy for long time here you go!
Features include:

  • Simple one finger tap and swipe control.
  • Never seen before: Patterns based power-ups system.
  • Cheats! Second Chances & Skip Levels.
  • 10 Worlds of total 400 Levels for many hours of game-play.
  • Various obstacles and challenges.
  • Compete social friends.
  • Relaxing joyful atmosphere with ambient nature sounds, calm graphics and 2 different music themes.
  • Over 40 Achievements.
  • Worldwide and friends’ Leader-boards.