Poppy Droppy: Star Collector – Avoid the spikes or there will be a bloody mess!

Crave Creative Games (http://www.cravecreative.com/ ) is pleased to announce Poppy Droppy: Star Collector.

This a fun addictive endless play game where you need to maneuver your player to collect as many stars as possible. Pop the bubbles to drop the stars from them and then collect them for points. Use the arrow buttons to jump right and left. Touch bubbles to pop them and release the stars. You may also want to pop bubbles to help fall into a better position. The game will end if you die from the spikes or fall off the screen.


– Avoid Spikes
– Collect Stars
– Jump On Bubbles
– Pop Bubbles To Release Stars

About Crave Creative Games:
Crave Creative is a small, independent, game development studio dedicated to 2D game creation for Android and iOS. Creating 2D styled games in genres like education, arcade, action, casual and puzzle. Mike Hempfling has been making apps since early 2011.




Game Information:
Title: Poppy Droppy: Star Collector
Genre: Games, Casual
Platform: Apple iOS and Android
Price: $0.99 USD