Two New Sweet Baby Girl Games Invites to Fight the Mess and Play Theme Park

This week TutoTOONS (, creator and publisher of apps and games for kids, is very excited to present its two brand new Sweet Baby Girl games, a double follow-up to kids favorite Sweet Baby Girl game series with cleaning and theme park activities.

Educational game Sweet Baby Girl CLEAN UP helps kids to learn how to keep things in their places at home and do simple daily chores. Together with two sweet baby girls Alice and Emma, kids will fight the mess in 4 different rooms: wash the dishes in the kitchen, take care of dirty clothes in the laundry room, tidy the bedroom and clean the bathroom.

Sweet Baby Girl Theme Park is perfect to re-boost kids’ mind after school or homework – it’s a real amusement park adventure! Kids will meet Sweet Baby Girl characters Alice, Yukiko and Devon to spend the time riding a roller coaster, flying with hot air balloon, creating music with 6 different instruments, playing memory game and trying on funny outfits in Clown’s dress up.

It’s the 6th and 7th Sweet Baby Girl game. Since the first launch in May 30th, 2014, the previous 5 games in Sweet Baby Girl series exceeded 760 000 downloads and developed themes of baby daycare, bath time, homemade baby food, birthday celebration, cooking and taking care of kids in the hospital. Newest Sweet Baby Girl games are expected to rise download number to at least 1M.

Mantas Kavaliauskas, CEO and Founder of TutoTOONS, comments: “Sweet Baby Girl is clearly a number one among 50 of our other games but when you think of it, it’s not that surprising. Obviously, kids love what they can quickly relate to, and Sweet Baby Girl is definitely a game series about kids growing up and learning about the world around them step by step.”

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