Preorder Puzzle Platformer Mushroom 11 and Get Immediate Access to First Level

Indie developer Untame has unveiled two preorder bundles for their upcoming puzzle platformer Mushroom 11, which will release for PC, Mac, and Linux in early 2015. All preorder customers get immediate access to the game’s first level, which until now has only been playable at gaming shows such as PAX and GDC. More details:

First conceived at NYU’s 2012 Global Game Jam, Mushroom 11 is a game about destruction. In this unusual puzzle platformer, you guide an amorphous organism that can only move by destroying its own cells. Detached cells immediately regrow elsewhere on the creature, so you can expand and contract, change shape, and even split yourself freely while traveling through a desolate, post-apocalyptic world that tests your logic skills as well as your reflexes. Mushroom 11’s cerebral gameplay is set to beautiful and electrifying tracks licensed from The Future Sound of London, the 1990s supergroup that arguably invented ambient music.

See how Mushroom 11 looks, sounds, and plays in this recent gameplay video:

Starting today, Mushroom 11 can be preordered for PC, Mac, or Linux in the following bundles:
•Basic preorder ($19.99): Instant access to two digital wallpapers and the first level preview, plus a downloadable copy of Mushroom 11 at launch (DRM-free download or Steam key).

•OST Fungal Bundle ($34.99): Instant access to two digital wallpapers, the first level preview, and an exclusive The Future Sound of London soundtrack, plus an original digital sketchbook and downloadable copy of Mushroom 11 at launch (DRM-free download or Steam key). Note: the soundtrack will only be available through this preorder bundle!
Mushroom 11 is backed by Indie Fund and has been recognized as an IGF Excellence in Design finalist, an EGX Leftfield Collection pick, and a PAX 10 selection, among many other honors and nominations. Joystiq has characterized Mushroom 11 as “easy to play and hard to look away [from],” while Rock Paper Shotgun recently called it, “Fascinating, eerily beautiful … one to watch very closely indeed.”

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