Choose your path in fantasy epic Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! – coming to PC/Mac on February 2

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! is an epic four-part gamebook that became a cult classic when it released under the Fighting Fantasy banner in the 1980s. Thirty years later, inkle (creators of the groundbreaking narrative game 80 Days) have brought the series to life as never before, and their widely-acclaimed adaptation is now coming to PC and Mac.

Blending modern interactive fiction, massively adaptive storytelling, and strategic turn-based combat with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and an orchestral score, the Sorcery! series invites players on a daring journey across a dangerous land where every choice is yours to make, and every decision becomes part of the tale.

Sorcery! Release Plans on PC & Mac
•Parts 1 and 2 will release on February 2 on Steam, as a combined game
•Part 3 will release in Spring 2016
•Part 4 will release cross-platform later this year (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android)

About Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! for PC & Mac
inkle’s digital adaptations of Steve Jackson’s classic gamebooks expand upon the original story, letting players drive the adventure across a rich fantasy world full of monsters, traps, weird characters, and magic. Along the way you’re presented with thousands of choices, with outcomes woven into the story on the fly based on how you decide to play. As a result each Sorcery! playthrough is unique and personal, with tons of replay opportunity.

The adventure begins February 2 in the dangerous Shamutanti Hills and continues through the twisted city of Kharé. Choose your path across a lushly illustrated map, win strategic battles against fantastic beasts, outsmart wily tricksters, puzzle through devious traps, master a massive book of spells, and try your luck in the dice bluffing game Swindlestones – all while pressing forward to recover the stolen Crown of Kings and claim a hero’s prize.

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! is already available on iOS and Android, with IGN calling the game “a prime example of what can happen when traditional storytelling gets along with contemporary game design” upon its mobile debut. The upcoming desktop releases will retain the masterful storytelling, artwork, and production values of the mobile originals, with larger text, new music, and a refined user interface providing a comfortable playing experience on bigger screens.