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Qualityindex.com reveals the top 10 critically acclaimed iPhone games and apps of July 2014

If you were wondering what the best reviewed iPhone games and apps on the web last month were, here’s the iPhone Quality Index round-up for July to fill you in.

The iPhone Quality Index boasts over 250,000 scores from the world’s best websites, such as 148Apps, Pocket Gamer, and What’s On iPhone, and uses a unique metric to create a single definitive score for each iPhone title.

Here are July 2014’s top selections…

Quality Index Top 10 iPhone games July 2014
1 Traps n’ Gemstones Donut Games 9.2
3 Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Cartoon Network 8.6
4 Disney Checkout Challenge Disney 8.6
5 World of Tanks Blitz Wargaming.net 8.5
6 Cascade Big Fish Games, Inc 8.4
7 Revolution 60 Brianna W. Wu 8.3
8 Modern Combat 5: Blackout Gameloft 8.2
9 JELLIES! Aleksei Kalinin 8.2
10 Deep Loot Monster and Monster 8.2

Quality Index Top 10 iPhone apps July 2014
1 Blixt for App.net Bryan Clark 10.0
2 Wine4.Me – Ranking Wines for YOU, personally – Free Version Amy Gross 9.3
3 Overcast: Podcast Player Overcast Radio, LLC 9.0
4 Fancy Units Ievgenii Lebid 8.8
5 Fly – Edit videos quickly. Fly Labs Inc. 8.7
6 Hoopa City TribePlay 8.6
7 NoteLedge – Take Notes, Memo, Audio and Video Recording Kdan Mobile Software LTD 8.6
8 Matter Pixite LLC 8.3
9 Lomotif – Instant Music Video Editor Lomotif Private Limited 8.3
10 Mixgram for Instagram – The Best Photo Editor, Art Collage Maker, Cool Pic Frame, Style Effect, Insta Vintage, FX Filters, HD fotos, Funny Cam Blender, Picture Cap & Captions for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Whatsapp, Evernote, Messenger,SMS,Mail LYAM BROTHERS 8.3

(N.B. The monthly games chart is based on titles released and reviewed in the last month. The apps chart is based on titles reviewed over the last three months. Hence, this is not a cumulative chart and earlier released titles may have higher scores.)

Traps n’ Gemstones was the run-away winner at the top of the July Qi iPhone game chart. It’s a lovingly crafted adventure-platformer set in a sprawling pyramid packed full of interconnected spatial puzzles. Next up, at number two, is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. We don’t often see games of such scale and ambition on iOS, but Capcom has pulled this 3D multiplayer action RPG conversion off with some style. There are monsters of a different, altogether cuter kind at number three. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake from Cartoon Network is a charming puzzler that expertly borrows much of its look and feel from Nintendo’s Zelda series. Down at number eight, finally, we have Gameloft’s latest console-style FPS, Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It’s the tightest and best looking iteration yet, offering up a newly mobile-friendly single player element and solid multiplayer competition.

Blixt for App.net takes the number one spot on the July Qi iPhone app chart, offering a clean and intuitive client for the 256 character-based social network. At number three, Overcast: Podcast Player is a powerful podcast player (obviously) with a comprehensive range of tools to help customise and tweak your listening schedule to perfection. Close behind at number four, Fancy Units is a neat currency and unit converter. Not only does it feature 140 units and 160 currencies, but it translates them all through a particularly stylish UI. Just behind that we have Fly, which turns video editing into a simple and quick process that you can execute on the – you guessed it – fly.

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