A Quiver of Crows (Video)

After 18 months of development, the team at Sheado.net is finally ready to distribute press preview builds of their twin-stick shmup: A Quiver of Crows.

Gameplay trailer: https://youtu.be/FFIMfqe89fQ

“Shmups and twin-stick shooters are amongst our favorite genres,” exclaimed Chad Ata, lead developer. “There are tons of these games out there, and we knew that we had to put our own unique spin on the genre into the game in order for it to stand out from the rest.” The game’s most unique features include the following:

•Organic rather than mechanical characters and environments.
Most games in the genre are either set in space or militarily themed. Instead, the team opted for ghouls and demons for the enemies and crows as the player characters.
•360 degree motion with gravity and ragdoll physics.
Another particularly unique aspect of the game is its use of ragdoll physics. A side-view perspective and 360 degrees of motion allow players to swiftly move about a stage while dodging and attacking enemies. The ragdoll physics come into play when enemies die and fall to the ground, their bodies becoming additional dynamic bullet blocking obstacles for the player navigate.
Other interesting features of the game include:
•Upgradeable weapons, special attacks, and shields inspired by traditional shmups.
•Ability to switch weapons and special attacks in-game.
•Local co-op.
•Original classically-inspired soundtrack.

Steam Store Link

Latest developer let’s play video:

About This Game
A twin-stick shmup set in a grim world cursed by demons and ghouls.
Frantic Battles in a Grim World
◾ Unlike most shmups, this world is made up of flesh, bones, and dirt instead of the common rigid objects such as ships set in space.

◾ Each enemy type has a unique set of behaviors.

◾ Most foes do not follow preset patterns. Instead, they try to hunt you down.

◾ Some enemies fly in close for melee combat. Others will shoot from a far away range.

Co-op Twin-Stick Action
◾ The game blends the insanity of shmups with the free range of motion of twin-stick shooters.

◾ Find a friend. Find a couch. Have tons of fun with the optional single-screen couch co-op!

Upgradeable Weapons, Bombs, and Shields
◾ Collect and enhance a variety of weapons. Influenced by traditional shmups, watch as your weapons’ firing trajectory and pattern change with each upgrade.

◾ From heat seeking quills to things that go BOOM, collect them all and use them to crush your foes!

◾ Upgrade your shields to withstand relentless attacks.

Coming to Windows, Mac, Linux
◾ Best played with a twin-stick controller. Steer with the left stick, aim with the right.

◾ Never fear! You can also use your keyboard and mouse.

Gameplay trailer: