QuizTix: Pop Music & QuizTix: Movies launch on iOS and Android!

Introducing QuizTix, a family of free collectible quiz games which combine the buzz of the traditional quiz with stunning visuals, fun characters and social interaction!
Players answer questions to fill out a venue with fun characters. As more questions are answered correctly, players collect a variety of achievements, spin the prize wheel to win bonuses and go on to compare their score against Facebook friends. If stuck on a particularly tricky question, players can use 50/50, ‘Hint Hint’ or can directly share the question on Facebook and Twitter.

QuizTix games combine engaging gameplay with lots of exciting features that keep players coming back for more! Cross-platform play allows players to start a game on their iPad on the sofa and continue their game on their Android phone on the bus. You can even play offline.

Players can enjoy the whole game for free or power up their game with in-app-purchases.

The team behind QuizTix
QuizTix was established in 2013 by Ian Masters, a BAFTA-nominated games designer, and Albert Marshall, a lawyer with over a decade of experience in games licensing and who has worked for Take-Two (Rockstar Games) and Sony PlayStation. The year ended on a high when they received seed funding Jensen Seed EIS fund. Since then QuizTix have gone from strength to strength, our team has grown and we can’t wait to share QuizTix with you.

Head over to the App Store and Google Play to download the game now!

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