Soccer Samba a new release by Mach Ten

It’s Soccer Samba time! The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is about to kick off on the 12th June 2014. Mach Ten is releasing its Soccer Samba IOS app to celebrate the 20th World Cup tournament. The game is a challenge to see how many times the gamer can bounce the footballs on the players heads.

The app was just released on the App Store in the Games section and will target gamers who enjoy a challenging game that requires both speed and quick reflexes. There are two levels: Training and Match Play, in Training the gamer can drop a few balls but in Match Play the gamer needs to keep all the balls off the ground. The game utilises block style graphics and has four players in both Training and Match Play, the gamer must tap the players in order to make them head the ball up, keeping it in the air.

The Soccer Samba app will be free to download and install, with the possibility of an in-app purchase of all 32 participating countries football kit for £0.69 (or local currency equivalent), to further celebrate the World Cup in Brazil.

We also attach a short demo video of the app which we hope you will enjoy watching and will give a better feel of our challenging new game.

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