Mine Out Press Release

It is time for Pigs and Pickaxes! Mine Out is classic arcade action with a mining theme, but watch out as the Pick Axes get up to Super Speed.

This fast moving and extremely difficult game is hitting the App Store like a group of wild boars! Available for all iOS7 devices (iPhone and iPod) right now on the AppStore.

Dig deep into the ground with this mix of mining, digging, and a mine cart as a paddle. Blast through level after level of this fast paced explosive arcade mining adventure!
•Shovels and Pickaxes
•Mine cart as a paddle
•Multiple brick and dirt blocks
•Bounce Pigs and Mine Blocks
•100% indie for decades

That is right you can hit the pigs with a shovel and they bounce around into your Mine Cart!

Update 1.1 Soon with:

+ Added Shrooms – Like pigs but underground
+ Added New Achievement – Shroom in the Mine Cart

Mine Out for iPhone is the third iOS game from from Dynamic Adventures Inc. Follow us on Twitter at MineOutGame because apparently there is a human being named MineOut that was already on Twitter.

Time to Mine Out get into the shaft!

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