Space Engineers – New Features added in Update 01.020.005

Space Engineers update 01.020.005 has been released today. The main features that have been implemented with this update are the synchronization of the small floating objects in Multi-Player, the addition of new sounds (the full list of sounds is available below) and the option to send items automatically from the Refinery to the Assembler when they are built next to each other and share a conveyor door.

This video demonstrates the most important new features of this update:

Below is the full list of all the new Features and Fixes that have been implemented with this update:

– synchronized small floating objects in Multi-Player
– refinery sends items into the assembler when it’s built next to it and shares a conveyor door
– added new sounds: player movements, assembler, refinery (full list below) – Work in progress, sounds are likely to change in the following weeks
– power output is now visible in the reactor’s control panel
– shadow rendering optimization for distant shadows
– increased the size of the slider in the control panel
– improved animations of the assault rifle in hands

– fixed big performance issue
– fixed character bouncing
– fixed collision model for cargo container
– fixed drilling with hand drill, sometimes it won’t drill even when in collision with an asteroid
– fixed black screen during start-up
– fixed deleting rotors
– fixed crash in cockpit
– fixed start-up issue caused by missing windows update
– fixed floating object picking in Multi-Player
– fixed synchronization of uncontrolled ships
– Fixed sound crashes
– better visibility test for player name tag

New sounds:
– HUD sounds
– player movements (run, sprint, crouch, iron sight, jetpack)
– player rifle shoot
– player drill
– small ship drill
– player rifle bullet impacts (one sound per surface type)
– assembler, refinery

Existing sounds:
– small ship Gatling
– small ship missile launcher
– small ship missile launch
– missile flight
– small ship Gatling bullets impacts (one sound per surface type)
– small ship small missile explosion (one sound per surface type)

All the updates that have been added into the game until now are avaiable in the Change log list –

Space Engineers is available for purchase on the developer’s web site:, on Steam: and at several other online distribution services.

Space Engineers is in alpha stage of development. Everything in the game is subject to change.

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